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Online casinos

The days when you could only play casino in land-based casinos are long gone thanks to the rise of uncountable online casinos.
We dare to say that any game available in your traditional land-based casino, be it in Vegas, Monte Carlo or even in your hometown, are now available on the internet.
Online casinos are providing the same thrill and excitement as you would expect when going to any of these locations.

Game top list helps you to find a casino online which suits you

Not all casinos are equal, but the online world offers plenty of ways to find out the most suitable casino for your wants. Search the web for online casino reviews and you will find all the detail you need to gamble online.
Most of the reviews provide information about the design, different bonus and free spins offers, customer support details and payment methods. Going through these different reviews are a great way to ensure you have all the information you need before you start playing.

Play casino online all over the world

As mentioned, there are plenty of different sites to play all your favorite games, it’s big in countries all across the world, from Canada to the UK and other European countries. The Scandinavian market is particularly big with hundreds of different providers. To get a feel what they might look like, we recommend visiting

Online casino games

Web based casinos offer games through well-known software developers and therefore, neither of them have to develop any games themselves and it also means that you can find the same game through a number of different suppliers. Amongst the most popular ones are NetEntertainment, Microgaming and Play n Go.

Random number generator on online casinos

The software developers use random number generators in order to ensure fair wins. Some online casinos actually claim to have higher payback percentages for slot machines than traditional casinos have, however with games such Black Jack, Sic Bo, Craps and other table games, the casino (just like in traditional ones) have an established house edge.

Live casinos

Online casinos don’t have to be that different to your traditional land based one. By offering live casino, an internet based one can bring the real life experience straight to your living room. You can play traditional games with real life dealers who are running the game in an actual casino or in a studio, in front of an actual gaming table and you will take part of the excitement through live streaming.

You make your bets through your computer, mobile phone or tablet and are able to communicate with the dealer through chat. Usually, you will find the most popular table games offered in live versions. On you can find a full list of casinos offering games in live versions.

How is it Norwegians top casino online?

Norwegian best online casino

Norwegian casinos have been known to produce some of the most excellent poker players that have ever graced the beautiful game. A significant contributing factor to this is the fact that Norway has some of the best casinos one can find anywhere on earth. In the online space, Norwegian online casinos give other casinos a run for their money. This article explores the reason behind the prominence of these online casinos.

Variety of Games on Offer

One of the main reasons that make Norwegian online casinos ranks as the top in the world due to the vast number of games that are offered in these casinos. Unlike other casinos in other parts of the world where the main focus is on poker and slots which have dominated the online casino scene for a while, Norwegian casinos allow a gamer to experiment with different games and therefore increase his or her chances of winning. Among the most common games offered in Norwegian online casinos are:

  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Craps
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette

This vast number of options ensure that if one’s luck is diminishing on one game, they can always try their luck at another game and stand a chance to win fantastic prices before logging out of their gaming account.

What Makes Norwegian Online Casinos Stand out

When a nation is nicknamed the ‘ Home of Poker’ because of producing some of the best poker players ever, it is no lie that the casinos in the country have played a part in making this come into being. Norwegian casinos are famed for many things, but there are a few aspects that make them stand out among all others.

  • Clients’ Security

This aspect may be leaning more towards the government than the casinos, but it has also been made possible by the casinos agreeing to the legislation. Online casinos in Norway are only allowed to operate if they are based in Norway.

This requirement, therefore, helps to cushion gamers from transferring their funds to offshore accounts that may be scams. This legislation also ensures that the privacy of the clients is maintained and instances of fraud are kept at the bare minimum. Some online casinos in Norway were among the first to incorporate the blockchain technology in their systems in a bid to offer more protection to their clients.

  • They are many in numbers

Because many Norwegians love to engage in online gaming, many online casinos have sprung up in Norway. This wide selection of casinos makes it possible for one to register with an online casino of their choice and start placing bets on their favorite games.

It doesn’t stop there, Norwegian casinos are continuing to stand out

  • Amazing Bonuses

Norwegian online casinos are known to offer some of the best bonuses among all other casinos. With some casinos offering up to 200% initial deposit bonuses and some offering up to 50 free cash spins for new members. The bonuses not only apply to new users but also seasoned users continue to reap big in loyalty bonuses over time.

  • Simple registration procedures

Although it may be difficult for offshore casino sites to register and obtain an operating license in Norway, the same is not right for individuals. Registration has been made accessible on these casinos, and one can log on, look for a casino of their choice and register an account.

The only thing that is required to register a betting account with an online casino in Norway is an email address and a credit card that will be used for funding the account. In the absence of a credit card, the casinos offer multiple choices that allow one to load money into his or her account using any of the available online money transfer services.

Best Sources for New Casinos in Norway

Online casinos in Norway keep coming up each month, with better and even more exciting user experiences. For some gamers, switching to a new casino may be a hard thing to do, but for some, it is their way of changing their luck in line with the adage of ‘Change your place, change your luck.’

Various sites offer exclusive news about new casinos and any upgrades on the software of the previously existing casinos. There even are sites which give daily updates on the new casinos that are available in Norway. One may ask the importance of keeping up with new casinos despite the abundance of them; the reason is to get better services.

Casinos comes up with features for you as casino player

Most of the new casinos in Norway come up with features that give them the competitive advantage over their competitors. How do they do that you maybe ask now?
The casinos offering quick payouts, higher odds and or even more top jackpots and bonuses. The best sources for new casinos in Norway is Here you will get the best offer and bonuses for the best online casinos in Norway. Is always a good idea to use them to get the best gaming experience. Here you can also read comments about the casino, this can help you to decide if you choose right casino.

Norway is without a doubt the proverbial land of milk and honey when it comes to online casinos. Software improvements and the introduction of new games have made the casinos in Norway stay ahead of all others and remain the go-to option for many gamers.