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Overweight British Airways Passenger Gets Stuck in First Class Seat on Lagos to London Flight

In an unusual incident on a British Airways flight, a passenger traveling from Lagos, Nigeria, to London found himself stuck in his first-class seat. The incident took place on July 29, 2023, during a 6-hour flight on a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. The passenger was seated in 1A, a spacious first-class seat with 78 inches of legroom and a seat width of 22 inches, according to Seat Guru. ( More...

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Rick D 8
"Thankfully, the aircraft landed safely" Well I'm glad. Write anything, just to make the story more than it really is. The passenger wasn't aware of his situation until after the plane had landed, yet somehow, the crew managed to land safely.
Chris Muncy 2
yeah that was a pretty stupid statement...
Lee Withers 1
May be not such a silly statement. What if there had to be an emergency evacuation?
sparkie624 1
If he got stuck in the seat, look at the lives he could have lost getting Stuck in the Emergency Exit. I forget what airline it was a number of years ago, but they actually tried out having "POS" person to sit in a seat to make sure that they fit! Maybe that should be a universal standard that everyone sit in a model seat... If you can get out of it easily, you simply are refused the flight. Fair to everyone... Not to single anyone out, everyone (Skinny to Fat) would be required to do it.
Rico van Dijk 8
The first results after the switch from Pretzels to flapjacks are in :D
Lee Smith 2
Had to deal with an over weight fellow passenger. Returning from London to Tampa, the middle eastern man, wearing a winter trench coat during the flight, in the dead heat of summer. I was able to lift up my aisle seat arm rest, but was soon told it had to be down. I told the flight attendant, its impossible to sit here, and have the passenger next to me, taking part of my seat. She said follow me and moved me to business class seating. I can fully understand overweight folks, but they can hinder another passengers space, comfort and safety of having to exit the plane in an emergency. The airline industry needs to stop making seats smaller and the distance between seats as well as come up with a better way to allow the o/w psg's to book seating.
EMK69 6
New Airlines coming soon: Foxtrot, Alpha, Tango Airlines is in the making for those passengers who need a little more space.
Ken McIntyre 1
Complete with widebody aircraft with lifting noses. And crane trolleys that go the length of the cattle...errr....passenger cabin.
mary susan watkins 2
my goodness! he was in a first class seat and they had to remove a door to get him out??how large was this person?in coach i know passengers are requested if a flight is going to be full, to purchase 2 seats..when not full, an agent usually will try to seat the person with no one next to him/her where they can raise the armrests..planes today are "squishing" people topgether in smaller seats,with not only less movement,but less legroom,and despite calls to change that,nothing is happening..oh well..
Chris Bryant 2
Was it Lizzo?
sparkie624 1
OMG... And the even have a picture... That is Funny... I just hear a call to Maintenance now: "Hello, Maintenance, We need a Mechanic to disassemble a seat in first class due to a First class passenger is stuck in the seat!" :)
djames225 2
That is no first class seat..and even the chub in that picture looks squished in.
Call to maintenance would also include "oh and we need the door removed and a hoist to lift.

sparkie624 1
The Article says it's first class... From the side view, it is possible, but I agree, it looks like a coach seat more than first class... and I have also noticed that many people reporting on Aviation are not that skilled at writing in Aviation Terms! They tend to get confused easily!
djames225 1
P.S. I'm a bit of a chub myself but have not yet got stuck in a seat.
mary susan watkins 0
by the way, that picture with the article is NOT one of the passenger written about, but a "stock photo" of a coach passenger with a bit of a belly strapped comfortably into a seat..!


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