Craps is one of the most exciting games around. Even though at first glance it may look a bit confusing we can assure you that it isn’t as complicated as you may think. Craps is offered by the majority, if not all, online casino both in download and no download versions. However, our advice is to find the right casino before you start playing the game.

History of Craps

Craps history like many other old casino games, is involves a lot of theories where the game originated, making it hard to interpret the exact origin of the game. It is very likely that the game of Craps developed over time. Some theories suggest that the game is based on the Old English game called Hazard and a French game called Crabes. Around the 18th and 19th century a Louisiana gambler and politician, Bernard Phillipe introduced the game to New Orleans, Louisina. However, there was a problem with this version of the game as it could be easily be manipulated. In 1907, John H. Winn created the updated version of the dice game that included a ‘don’t pass bet’ area making the game more akin to Craps as we know it today. This game also eliminated the fixed dice problem.

What is Craps?

Craps is a popular dice game typically played in a casino as well as informal settings. It is played with a pair of dice in which players bet on dice rolls. When people play craps, money is wagered against either the casino or the other players in the game.

How to Play Craps?

Craps is one of the easiest casino games to play. It is a simple game and upholds only a few basic bets that one should grasp to get started playing Craps. These are the ‘passline’ and ‘don’t passline’ bets. Also keep in mind that there are more than 40 additional Craps bets, some more complicated than others. Don’t worry these bets will be learned with time and practice and result in a deeper understanding of the game.

A Passline bet: It is even money bet. This means the amount you bet is the amount you have the chance to win. The player rolling the dice is referred to as the shooter. Before the shooter performs the first roll, the other players in the game are given the chance to make a passline bet on the shooter’s come out roll. In order for the other players to win these passline bets, the shooters come out roll must show a 7 or 11. These are known as a natural; a natural automatically doubles the passline bet values of the other players. If the shooter’s come out roll results in a 2,3, or 12 the passline bets are lost. If any other number is rolled, that number becomes the point number and the shooter hopes to roll the point number again for the win before he rolls a 7. If a 7 is rolled, the passline bets lose.

Don’t Passline bet: This bet is the opposite of the passline bet, so that these bets gamble against the dice. Some players refer to this bet as ‘betting wrong’ and the passline bet is called ‘betting right’. When a player makes a passline bet, you are betting to roll a 7 or 11 on the first roll, which would result in a win on that bet. On the other hand when a player make a don’t passline bet, s/he is betting to roll a 2,3 or 12. If it is a come out roll, a winning don’t passline bet will double your wager. If any other number is rolled, it will serve as the point but this time, you hope that the point will not be rolled again before the 7. If a 7 is rolled, the don’t passline bets win.

Rules of Craps

  • 3-4-5X odds are allowed.
  • To simplify the game, instead of offering both place and buy bets, I offer just one for each number. Each number pays the better odds between place and buy bets. I refer to these as “buy bets.” They pay 7-6 on the 6 & 8, 7-5 on the 5 & 9, and 39-20 on the 4 & 10.
  • Lay bets pay true odds, but player must prepay a 5% commission, based on the possible win. This works out to odds of 19-25 on the 6 & 8, 19-31 on the 5 & 9, and 19-41 on the 4 & 10.
  • If the player selects “keep bets working,” then all bets will be on for come out rolls. Otherwise, buy, hard ways, and odds on come bets will be turned off.
  • If the player selects “leave winnings bets up,” then only wins will be returned and the original wager will be re-bet. However, winning come and don’t come bets are always returned. Winnings odds bets on come bets will remain up if there is a new come bet to associate them with. If the new come bet is less than the winning one, the amount of odds on the table will be the same multiple bet on the odds of the winning bet and the rest returned to the player.
  • Bets may be taken down by shift clicking.
  • Put bets and taking down don’t pass and don’t come bets, that are already on a number, are not allowed.