Caribbean Stud Poker

Lately the Caribbean stud poker becoming more and more popular in different countries and if you still haven’t tried it, then you need to dedicate some time to explore this game. The Caribbean stud poker is the most dynamic version the poker games. There is a theory that the Caribbean stud poker was invented by the pirates of Jamaica, but the modern version of it was done by David Sklansky during his cruise when he found the rules of the usual poker boring and not exiting. The Caribbean version started to become more and more popular and even reached the best casinos in Las Vegas and today you can have an opportunity to play it online.

What’s so special?

Caribbean stud poker is obviously similar to other versions of poker games. Mostly people confuse it with Oasis poker. But the main difference is that you are playing not against other players but you are playing just against the house.

In order to start playing Caribbean poker you must have a 52-standard card deck, the players goal here is to collect the strong combination of card in order to beat the dealer’s combination. You can read about the rules of Caribbean Stud poker in more details.

To start the game, the player must put an Ante, then the dealer will distribute five cards and the player must bet. The strategy is straightforward, you have only one decision to make either to continue the game or fold your cards. Basically, follow three main points and you won’t go wrong:

  1. If you have any pair or better, continue playing
  2. If you have a combination that is lower that king or ace then it is better to fold
  3. If you have cards that might end up in a good combination then follow your gut feeling and continue playing.

Play the game

There is no golden rule on how to play Caribbean stud poker and all the hints that you can find online must be treated as a guide and not step by step instructions. Listen to your gut feeling and try to have fun while playing it. This is a game and you always should get something positive out of playing Caribbean poker.

You can also practice online poker in different flash game across the web. It will give you the feeling of the real game and it will make you feel more confident if you will decide to go and play in the real casino.